“The distinction such people draw between anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism enables them to drape themselves in the mantle of victimhood that connects them to the Holocaust, medieval blood-libels and the endemic anti-Semitism in English literature”

The false distinction between anti-Semitism and Israel-bashing
Melanie Phillips
October 20, 2022

Those trying to defend the Jewish people from the tsunami of Jew-hatred swamping the West often face an implacable refusal to acknowledge that anti-Israel or anti-Zionist attitudes are the modern iteration of anti-Semitism. It’s claimed instead that Israel’s defenders are trying to silence criticism of what Israel does, just like any other country would be criticized. But Israel isn’t criticized like any other country. It is instead subjected to obsessive libels, double standards and scapegoating for crimes of which it is not only innocent but is in fact the victim—all unique characteristics of anti-Semitism. READ MORE

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