Defense Minister Benny Gantz said due to what he called “limitations” and “a variety of operational considerations,” Israel will not deliver any weapon systems to Ukraine.

Israel won’t give Ukraine weapons, will help make missile warning system – Gantz
Anna Ahronheim
October 19, 2022

Israel has offered to help Ukraine in developing an early-warning system but will not provide weapon systems, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Wednesday. “Our policy vis-a-vis Ukraine will not change – we will continue to support and stand with the West, we will not provide weapon systems. We have asked the Ukrainians to share information regarding their needs, and offered to assist in developing a life-saving early-warning system,” he said…Israel has refused to provide any military platforms to Ukraine due to concerns it might negatively affect the deconfliction mechanism that Israel and Russia have over Syria in order to avoid any unwanted conflict. READ MORE

ASSOCIATED PRESS Russia’s Iranian drones complicate Israel’s balancing act Israel has stayed largely on the sidelines since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last February so as not to damage its strategic relationship with the Kremlin. Although Israel has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, it has refused Kyiv’s frequent requests to send air defense systems and other military equipment and refrained from enforcing strict economic sanctions on Russia and the many Russian-Jewish oligarchs who have second homes in Israel.

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