Netanyahu will try to reform Israel’s out of control Supreme Court

Netanyahu Commits to Top Court Override Clause in Next Government
Michael Hauser Tov
November 9, 2022

Officials from Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party said on Wednesday that the coalition agreement with the heads of the right-wing parties that are likely to join the government will contain a commitment to enact a parliamentary override clause. The party heads made it clear they would not be satisfied with anything less, and would not sign a coalition agreement that only includes the distribution of ministries and a promise to reverse the previous government’s legislative agendaThe override clause is a proposed legislative tool that will allow Knesset members to override Supreme Court decisions and exempt parliamentary legislation from judicial review. READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL Eugene Kontorovich: Israel’s Right-Wing Coalition Gets the Cold Shoulder From Biden The victory of Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition has many on the left bemoaning the end of democracy in Israel. Even before voting began, Sen. Robert Menendez (D., N.J.) threatened harm to bilateral relations should Israelis vote to the right. The State Department has said it would boycott some right-wing ministers, and President Biden waited almost a week before calling to congratulate Mr. Netanyahu. Yet Secretary of State Antony Blinken apparently had time Friday to phone Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who last stood for election (to a four-year term) in 2005. 

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