An astonishing Munk debate in Toronto, Matt Taibbi and Douglas Murray’s landslide, Malcolm Gladwell and Michelle Goldberg’s mendacity – and five reasons why trust in the mainstream media is so low

Weekend reads: ‘We don’t deserve to be trusted’
Tara Henley
December 3, 2022

The stakes were high from the moment opening arguments were made at the Munk debate on the media in Toronto on Wednesday, and only escalated from there. The riveting event — staged by a Canadian charitable foundation and skillfully moderated by Rudyard Griffiths — brought together four prominent international journalists to debate a resolution: “Don’t trust mainstream media.” Independent investigative reporter Matt Taibbi and Spectator editor Douglas Murray faced off against mainstream media luminaries Malcolm Gladwell, a longtime staff writer at The New Yorker, and Michelle Goldberg, a columnist for The New York Times. As it happens, the exact tendencies that make the mainstream media “fundamentally untrustworthy”— as Matt Taibbi memorably put it — were on full display at the debate. READ MORE

Watch the debate here.

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