Walt Whitman High School (my alma mater) in Bethesda, MD is scene of walkout

Maryland High School Students Stage Walkout to Protest Antisemitism
Dion J. Pierre
December 22, 2022

Students at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland staged a walkout on Thursday to protest antisemitism, a local ABC outlet reported on Thursday. On Saturday, “Jews not welcome” was graffitied on the school’s monument sign. The culprits have not yet been identified, and the incident has prompted alarm among students and staff at the school.  “The worst part about what happened to our sign is that the people who wrote it weren’t entirely wrong,” student Rachel Barold said to the hundreds of students who attended the demonstration, according to footage obtained by ABC 7. “Whitman and MCPS [Montgomery County Public Schools] hasn’t been a welcoming community to Jewish people for a long time, and this isn’t an issue that’s unique to MCPS, it’s an issue around the country and around the Earth.” READ MORE

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