Ken Levin: “Antisemitism in the United States is being exploited by separatists in order to destroy the integrationist ideal”

Understanding the upsurge in black attacks on Jews
Kenneth Levin
December 28, 2022

…The current dramatic rise in antisemitism in America has four main sources: far-right racist groups; Islamists and the far-left; and black groups that embrace radical and separatist ideologies, along with their acolytes among black political and cultural elites…The American Jewish response to the rise in Jew-hatred has been piecemeal and weak. This is largely because the increased antisemitism—or at least that part of it that has made the greatest inroads in American society—is coming mainly from sources towards which many American Jews have long felt affinity and identification: Black Americans, too often conceived as a monolithic community; progressives; and educators, especially those staffing what has become the greatest institutional font of antisemitism in America, the campuses. READ MORE

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