For those not in the know, Channel 14 in Israel is a politically conservative station and many have opined that it’s content and perspectives are similar to that of Fox News in the United States

Why is Israel’s 24/6 News Channel 14 Soaring in the Ratings?
Fern Sidman
March 7, 2023

Since the inception of the modern state of Israel, the political and cultural landscape has been, for the most part dominated by the left wing, socialist governments that have held sway among the masses. Since the shift in demographics in the last 20 years or more, thanks to the significant population growth of the religious sector and the rise of such right wing leaders as Benjamin Netanyahu and others of his ilk, people in Israel are hankering for a more diverse perspective in the media. The daily news broadcasts in Israel are now reflecting a gamut of views, many of which were not promulgated before…In February 2023, the Jewish Press reported that Channel 14 is taking off as Israelis tire of left-wing propaganda in their news. READ MORE

JEWISH PRESS Israel’s Right-Wing Channel 14 Ratings Soaring as Viewers Abandon Left-Wing Propaganda Channels As the three traditional channels dropped any pretense of presenting a fair and balanced view, Israeli right-wing viewers started to reject them and sooner or later discovered “their” channel.

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