Since the rise of 24/7 cable news, in which television stations for the first time had to fill 1,440 minutes of air time every day, our news ecosystem has become reliant on stoking fear and outrage

How to bring civility back to our politics
Julian Adorney and Mark Johnson
March 13, 2023

…The idea that our Republic is in unprecedented danger if we let our political foes take power is historically naive. Are matters of policy really more urgent now than they were in 1964, when Congress was debating the Civil Rights Act; or 1864, when the nation was at war with itself? The United States isn’t embroiled in a world war, and we don’t face the threat of annihilation if we elect the wrong leader. Our legislative battles are important, but less important than similar battles in 1865 (when the 13th Amendment was ratified) or 1919 (when the 19th Amendment was ratified). When we take a longer view, it’s hard to justify the idea that political wins are more crucial now than at any other point in history. READ MORE

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