“When a culture rejects the humility and sense of greater purpose that faith sows in us, and turns instead to self-idolatry, it is headed toward ruin”

Lighting the Way in a New Dark Age
Marc Tapson
April 29, 2023

It is not news to note that Western civilization, the freedoms and prosperity of which we owe to more than two millennia of Judeo-Christian virtues and values, is witnessing an accelerating decline of religion. The increasingly irreligious younger generations of today likely see this as a positive development: the waning of oppressive superstition and archaic traditions. But when traditional faith declines, the void is filled not by a liberating, utopian enlightenment, but by a wretched assortment of violently intolerant, cultish political religions and a religion of the self. That is exactly where self-destructive hubris has brought us in 2023. READ MORE

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