While you may think you know about the ten commandments, this series is nothing like what they covered in Hebrew School

Introducing The Big Ten – our newest YouTube series!
May 2023

This Shavuot as the timeless Ten Commandments echo in synagogues across the globe, we’re making sure they reach far beyond the walls. Join host Noey Jacobson (from the Maccabeats) for a guided tour of the Ten Commandments as you’ve never seen them before.  For the first time in history, the Ten Commandments are being transformed into must-watch YouTube videos that explore how these ancient edicts are not only relevant but hold the keys to bettering ourselves every day.  This series was proudly produced with The Aseret Movement and in partnership with UnitEd, an initiative of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.  New videos launch every other week on our new Big Jewish Ideas channelCatch up with The Big Ten before Shavuot and transform the way you look at the Ten Commandments.

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