60 Minutes’ Kroft Says Iran Isn’t Building a Bomb, Praises its Welfare System

By Daniel Greenfield
May 17, 2014

Steve Kroft

60 Minutes continues its consistent track record of praising the Iranian regime and lying about its intentions. Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes interviewed Steve Kroft, also of 60 Minutes, about his 60 Minutes story on Iran.

If this sounds like a conflict of interest, welcome to CBS News. It’s where journalism goes to die.

Steve Kroft made it clear that his story was going to be straight Iranian nuclear propaganda without even a hint of truth creeping into it.

In 2007, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley – then a 60 Minutes correspondent – sat down for an interview with Rouhani’s predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and hailed the dictator as “incorruptible” and “modest.”

And 60 Minutes doesn’t change. It’s the same charade of fake journalism as ever.

ROSE: This sounds like a fascinating trip. Sum up for us what you found in terms of the mood, attitude, feeling of the Iranian people.

KROFT: Well, I think the tone has changed, that’s the biggest thing. When you look back just a little over a year ago and you had Ahmadinejad, and now you’ve got Rouhani and the people around him who are much different, they’re – they’re sort of pragmatists. And you get the sense that, “Let’s stop all the bad talk. Let’s just see if we can get a few things accomplished here.”

Wait… but wasn’t Ahmadinejad modest and incorruptible? Kroft acts like he doesn’t know that Rouhani is just a puppet for Iran’s religious leadership, just like Ahmadinejad was, until he began going off script.


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