Why Child Support for Kidnapping Israelis Must be Widely Publicized. The 3 Finger Salute.

by Brian Thomas
June 19, 2014


Yesterday our blog Israellycool published shocking pictures of child abuse. From all over the world adults are asking their kids to hold up three fingers, smile at the camera and posting these images on Facebook. They are accompanied by a message in Arabic proclaiming joy at the capture of “Three Shalits.”An obvious reference to the terrorist kidnapping of three Jewish kids (Eyal, Gilad and Naftali) last Thursday night in Israel.

At first they handed out sweets, then they invented a new hand gesture and now they’re teaching their kids to be happy at a terrorist act committed against our children. I believe it’s time to stop sugar coating or concealing what the other side is doing. They have systematically taught hatred of us and joy when we are attacked for many generations.

Israellycool’s servers have barely kept up with the traffic: these photos are being seen.

…..It’s time people stepped out of their cozy dream worlds where a “vast majority” of peace loving people just want to get on with life and get along. No. That’s false. There is massive support for the kidnapping of three kids among Arab and anti-Israeli society and it must be confronted, even if it shocks a few.


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