My Evening with Sarah and Bibi

February 4, 2015

When I was invited to join the Prime Minister at his home in Jerusalem, along with other members of the English-speaking community in Israel, I expected to find myself in a large auditorium in which I would need binoculars to see Benjamin Netanyahu. To my surprise, the room was an outdoor space that could accommodate no more than fifty, with chairs arranged in an intimate circle, with a small table in the front. The Prime Minister entered and to everyone’s complete astonishment, he went around the room, warmly shaking everyone’s hands, nodding to those he had met before. While he started out behind the small table, he soon had two armchairs brought in and joined the circle. The mystery of armchair number two was solved when to our surprise his wife Sarah joined him, smiling graciously….READ MORE

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1 Response to My Evening with Sarah and Bibi

  1. Alan Cahn says:

    Hi Ms.Ragen,
    I felt your passion and you are truly right.
    I never could understand how any Prime Minister (especially Bibi) of Israel could deal with their “neighbors”…
    Yasha Koach,
    Alan Cahn


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