Living Under the “Terrorism Tree”

February 16, 2015

…To live with terrorism is to suspect each stranger, to cherish each friend, to love more deeply, hate more unforgivingly. It is to have no tolerance for the morally confused who waver, who say, “Yes, but on the other hand”—to have no tolerance for those who still claim nothing is black and white. To live with terrorism is to see the dividing line, the demarcation between good and evil, like a white road marker: Never was anything more clear, more simple, more stark, than that which divides those who kill from those who are killed—the scum of the earth from innocent noncombatants. To live with terrorism is to live more profoundly, in greater touch with truth, good, God, life, innocence, longing, fear, love, compassion, vengeance and hope. Such a life loses inevitability but gains depth. It loses the sense of freedom, safety, justice, logic and predictability, replacing them with clarity, despair, physical alertness and adaptability…READ MORE

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