MBA matchmakers: InsideIL connects business students with Israeli internships

by Paul Miller
March 6, 2015

It’s no secret that business moguls such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are heavily invested in Israel. Technology leaders such as Intel, Microsoft, and Apple selected the Jewish state—which is nicknamed the “start-up nation”—for their first research facilities outside the U.S. As such, Israel has become a fertile training ground for future business leaders in a global economy. For Master of Business Administration (MBA) students studying at the top business schools in the United States, a placement service has been developed to help students obtain a paid summer internship in Israel. InsideIL, a non-profit organization, is the brainchild of two Harvard University-educated women who understand the business experience and opportunities that come from living, working, and learning in Israel. Sara Greenberg is a Philadelphia native and second-year Harvard Business School student pursuing a joint degree with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Della Heiman was born in Cincinnati and is a recent graduate of Harvard Business School. In 2014, both women co-founded InsideIL in order to connect their classmates and fellow alumni to Israeli companies across a variety of industries, including biotechnology, cybersecurity, venture capital, and e-commerce. READ MORE

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