The odds of an Iran nuclear deal just got higher

Ed Lasky: Jan Schakowsky-led effort will make a (bad) Iran deal more likely; it all but gives the Iranian regime and the White House an all-clear

by Greg Sargent
May 7, 2015

One hundred and fifty House Democrats have now signed a letter expressing strong support for President Obama’s ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, I’ve learned, improving the chances that an eventual nuclear deal could survive the Congressional oversight process. The 150 Democratic signatories — which include Dem leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chris Van Hollen [locals including Jan Schakowsky, Tammy Duckworth and Bobby Rush] — are significant. Here’s why: If a deal is reached that looks like the recently-announced framework, and the GOP-controlled Congress votes to disapprove of it, it’s now more likely that there will be enough House Democrats to sustain Obama’s veto of that disapproval legislation, allowing the deal to move forward. Under the current Corker-Cardin framework establishing oversight of the Iran deal, Congress would vote to approve or disapprove of a final deal, determining whether Obama has the authority to temporarily lift Iran sanctions to implement it. READ MORE

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