On Memorial Day, Israel has what U.S. lacks

by Jill Max
May 22, 2015

We may share a deep respect for our soldiers, but Americans do not honor ours with the sense of collective responsibility that Israelis do for theirs.

Last month, during another visit to Israel, I had the privilege of experiencing Israel’s Memorial Day at Mount Herzl. Our group entered the national cemetery early in the morning, before it was closed to outside visitors.  We made our way through the cemetery, ultimately arriving at the section where the casualties of the most recent conflict are laid to rest. One could barely move, as every inch of ground was packed with uniformed soldiers, huddled together in group embraces, sobbing and swaying. Mothers sat on plastic stools adjacent to their sons’ graves as mourners paid their respects. Pictures of smiling young men atop marble slabs told the stories of lives cut short…READ MORE (CLICK THE ‘X’)

What Memorial Day in Israel looks like:

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