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Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery: “Now I know why your soldiers fight so hard. You take better care of your dead than we do our living”

IMPRIMIS Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery by Senator Tom Cotton April/May 2019 …Nothing interferes with The Old Guard’s mission in Arlington—and when I say nothing, I mean nothing, not even 9/11. On that beautiful morning, the … Continue reading

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1941-1945: US WWII military deaths totalled 405,399 — an average of 297 deaths per day [VIDEO]

JEWISH CURRENT ISSUES Philip Roth and Memorial Day by Rick Richman May 25, 2018 …Making Memorial Day part of a long weekend has had the unfortunate effect of in many cases relegating it to a vacation rather than focusing on … Continue reading

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“Intolerance of faith and ignorance of religion means that our first liberty — religious liberty — is typed with scare quotes, as if assertions of this fundamental freedom were somehow inherently bigoted and disingenuous”

NATIONAL REVIEW On This Memorial Day, We Are Unmaking America by David French May 29, 2017 …I fear that General Mattis is right. There is a profound lack of unity in America. In fact, let’s ask a key question: Is … Continue reading

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Third year in a row: San Francisco #CAIR Exec Director @ZahraBilloo bashes U.S. military on #MemorialDay

CLARION PROJECT CAIR Official Stands By Memorial Day Criticism of US Troops by Ryan Mauro May 29, 2016 A top Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) official took time out of her Memorial Day weekend to stand by her opposition to … Continue reading

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On #MemorialDay or any other day, the cemeteries for those Americans who fell in battle offer profound lessons

WALL STREET JOURNAL The American Dead in Foreign Fields by Uwe E. Reinhardt May 25, 2016 …You can walk along the gravel paths of these cemeteries, and among the thousands of markers—crosses and Stars of David—beneath which the warriors rest. … Continue reading

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#YomHazikaron Israel prepares to commemorate the 23,477 soldiers and victims of terrorism who have fallen since 1860 [VIDEOS]

ISRAEL HAYOM On Memorial Day, an entire nation mourns its fallen by Lilach Shoval and Yori Yalon May 10, 2016 Every year, one siren — just a sound without words — stirs up so many feelings for so many people. … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day, Israel has what U.S. lacks

HAARETZ by Jill Max May 22, 2015 We may share a deep respect for our soldiers, but Americans do not honor ours with the sense of collective responsibility that Israelis do for theirs. …Last month, during another visit to Israel, … Continue reading

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