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“Trump team obsessing over Thucydides, the ancient historian who wrote a seminal tract on war”

POLITICO Why the White House Is Reading Greek History by Michael Crowley June 21, 2017 The Trump White House isn’t known as a hot spot for Ivy League intellectuals. But last month, a Harvard academic slipped into the White House … Continue reading

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“Intolerance of faith and ignorance of religion means that our first liberty — religious liberty — is typed with scare quotes, as if assertions of this fundamental freedom were somehow inherently bigoted and disingenuous”

NATIONAL REVIEW On This Memorial Day, We Are Unmaking America by David French May 29, 2017 …I fear that General Mattis is right. There is a profound lack of unity in America. In fact, let’s ask a key question: Is … Continue reading

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“Dangling reminiscent wisps of the invalidated Palestinian narrative will only encumber the moral clarity and credibility required to unwind the impossibly tangled diplomatic failure of the Iran nuclear deal”

THE FEDERALIST James Mattis Should Focus On Islamic Terror Instead Of Palestinian Grievances by Andrew Lappin May 9, 2017 …During his visit, journalist Tal Shalev asked [James] Mattis if he stands by his comments from 2013, when he stated Israeli … Continue reading

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Mattis in Israel: “As far as Centcom is concerned, Israel is not part of the Middle East. Israel is in Europe”

JERUSALEM POST General Mattis and the Fatah tautology by Caroline B. Glick April 19, 2017 …[General[ Mattis is reputedly a very smart, well-read man. And yet, his claims show that despite his intelligence, he has a stunning lack of intellectual curiosity … Continue reading

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#Trump #Military Coup: “Most of the criticism of the Flynn, Mattis and Kelly nominations is politically created hysteria”

REAL CLEAR POLITICS Has Trump Nominated Too Many Military Leaders — or Not Enough? by Victor Davis Hanson December 15, 2016 President-elect Donald Trump is being faulted for supposedly appointing too many retired generals to Cabinet-level jobs and “militarizing” the … Continue reading

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#MadDog #Mattis: It has become rare for top military officers to stand up to their civilian leaders

GEOPOLITICAL FUTURES Trump’s Mad Dog by George Friedman December 7, 2016 “…The Mad Dog was fired by President Barack Obama, rumor has it, for asking inconvenient questions. The question of bombing Iran had come up and Mattis would not let … Continue reading

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