Remembering Malcolm Kerr: Assassinated by Islamic Terrorists

by Lloyd Billingsley
May 27, 2015

As Steve Kerr leads the Golden State Warriors toward the NBA finals, sportswriters are easily outpacing the old-line establishment media, and the Obama administration, on the subject of terrorism. Kerr, a former National Basketball Association star, is the son of Malcolm Kerr, whose parents Stanley and Elsa arrived in the Middle East in 1919 to join relief efforts that followed the Armenian genocide. As Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee recalls, in the early 1980s Malcolm Kerr resigned his professorship at UCLA to become president of the American University of Beirut, “the college he attended and where he taught, despite increasing political instability within the region.” But in 1984 Malcolm Kerr “was shot to death by terrorists outside his office.” This happened in the “same building where three decades earlier he had met Steve’s mother.” READ MORE

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