Incivility and the Iran Deal

by Abraham H. Miller
August 31, 2015

An internet petition calls for Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., to change his position on the Iran agreement by telling him not to be a “war monger.” Schumer, of course, is no war monger, and neither are most of those who disagree with the dangerous agreement the Obama administration is intent on getting Congress to approve. The name-calling says far less about Schumer than it says about the quality of discourse created by the president. Richard Nixon had an enemies list. Barack Obama has enemies too. The difference is that Nixon faced a critical if not overtly hostile press. Obama, in contrast, has a sycophantic press and a pliable coterie of partisans that will follow him into the depths of incivility… It is time for the administration to turn down the rhetoric and let the policy debate proceed without intimidation. READ MORE

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