“My Truth” gives IDF reservists opportunity to counter distortions [VIDEO]

“My Truth” Breaks The Silence
by Deebo
January 28, 2016

My Truth, an organisation of IDF reservists who came together over the last half-year to oppose the demonisation and distortions being told about the army by Breaking the Silence, is planning to produce an unprecedented dossier about what actually goes on in the IDF. Last year, after discovering that Breaking the Silence’s May 2015 report into Operation Protective Edge was filled with half-truths, devoid of context and obsessed over minor Israeli mistakes while neglecting to show the massive humanitarian efforts implemented by the IDF, one reservist by the name of Avihai Shorshan had enough. Shorshan wrote a Facebook post that went viral overnight. Knowing that IDF soldiers endanger themselves to a large extent due to their requirement to adhere to a strict moral code, he began a Hebrew Facebook page called האמת שלי (HaEmet Sheli) to counter the misleading and damaging statements being told about the army and educate about the way the IDF operates. READ MORE


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