The conversation is always about what the US does for Israel. How about what Israel does for the US ?

American Aid to Israel Serves US National Interests
by Abraham H. Miller
March 30, 2016

…Zionists talk of the special relationship with Israel growing out of democracy and shared values. Sorry, that’s a fiction. In the world of political realism no one cares about shared values, just shared interests…Today, Israel has the best regional intelligence operation in the Middle East and shares with America intelligence on known terrorist groups…As a result of Israel’s technological and scientific innovations, American armaments sent to Israel have improved. America now spends $1.5 billion purchasing innovative Israeli military technology. Drones deployed in Iraq and Iran are from Israel…The armor used against IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan was invented in Israel, as was the gun system for close-up defense of our naval vessels…Israel serves America as an unsinkable aircraft carrier. READ MORE

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