Belgian Call Center Fires Employee for Denying Israel’s Existence During Conversation With Jewish Volunteer Following ISIS Bombings

Crisis center tells Israeli terror victims that Israel does not exist
March 31, 2016

At least two Israelis were injured in the terror attacks in Brussels. Israel would like to fly them home and so in order to release them from the hospital, a Jewish volunteer called up the Crisis Center set up by the Ministry for Internal Affairs to ask about the procedure. He was told that the Israeli victims could not be sent back to Israel, they can only be sent back to Palestine.  The family of the victim is shocked and says that “It’s just like Iran here”. This is not the first time an emergency responder decides a Jewish medical emergency is a good reason to preach for Palestine.  During the Gaza war, a doctor refused to treat a 90 year old Jewish woman, and suggested to “send her to Gaza for a few hours”. READ MORE including transcript of the actual conversation. [UPDATE: Call Center responder has been fired]

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