Hollywood tackles the story of Deborah Lipstadt’s legal battle with #Holocaust denier David Irving [VIDEO]

Watch Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt in ‘Denial’ Trailer
Jesse Bernstein
June 15, 2016

Holocaust denial is a confusing thing. It’s kind of like saying that Barack Obama isn’t the President, or that Tuesday comes after Friday—the idea doesn’t even need to be engaged with. It’s self-evident! And yet, for Deborah Lipstadt, the task of proving the existence of a sustained effort to systematically murder Europe’s Jews proved far more difficult than she could’ve ever imagined. The forthcoming film Denial tells the story of Lipstadt’s legal battles with famed Holocaust denier and historian David Irving. After describing Irving’s Holocaust denial as purposefully obtuse and a distortion of history in her own book, Lipstadt, a historian herself, was sued for libel. READ MORE

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