Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald both endorse Bob Dold in the 10th District [VIDEO]

First day of Tribune endorsements for U.S. House seats in Illinois
by Editorial Board
October 7, 2016

If it’s election season, it must be time for Bob and Brad. We’re talking about Republican Rep. Robert Dold of the 10th Congressional District, who is trying to fend off challenger Brad Schneider in their third consecutive U.S. House contest. Schneider, a Democrat, took the North Shore seat from Dold in 2012, but Dold won a rematch in 2014. You don’t see best-of-three sets like this very often. Will they go best of five?…We like these two, but we’re closer to Dold on economic policy and value his independent approach — he’s one of the few Republicans who has been willing to cross the aisle when he thinks it’s in the best interests of the country and his district. Dold is endorsed. READ MORE

Related story: Daily Herald Endorsement: Dold over Schneider in U.S. House 10 “Dold’s independent spirit is representative of the district’s voters and we cherish it, too. It’s the reason we endorsed him in 2010, and it’s the reason we endorsed him again in 2012 and in 2014”

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