New #Palestinian state must “augur in a future of promise, security, liberty, sovereignty, self determination and opportunity for its inhabitants”

Announcing the New State Solution
by Benjamin Anthony
November 11, 2016

When President Obama leaves office, yet another US administration will depart without resolution of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. As with all incoming administrations, a Trump presidency ushers in the opportunity to review, retain, or revise the terms of long-standing policies, including those relating to the Middle East. The ‘two state solution’, as broadly defined, is a policy that must be reviewed and revised. No proposed solution to the conflict need be perfect; all must be possible, however. The two-state solution is neither. The insipid one state solution is even less so. Both ideas have gained too much traction. Neither is understood by the vast majority of those by whom they are championed. The saving grace of these notions seems primarily to be their alliterative, easily retained title. READ MORE

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