#NYT leaves out one inconvenient fact: It’s NOT Israel’s fault

The NYT Blames Israel For Palestinian ‘Camp’, Fails To Mention That The UN Is Keeping Them There
by Ziva Dahl
December 14, 2016

A New York Times Magazine article two weeks ago by Rachel Kushner, “We Are Orphans Here: Life and Death in East Jerusalem’s Palestinian Refugee Camp,” describes her observations of the miserable daily life of the residents of the Shuafat refugee camp. The reader isn’t told that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), not Israel, is responsible for this “camp.” Unexplained is why there still are Palestinian refugees living in this slum. Nowhere are we informed that Shuafat is a highly armed, crime-ridden community, harboring Hamas terrorists like Ibrahim al-Akari who killed an Israeli policeman and wounded 14 Israelis. The article gives the impression that somehow the squalid existence of this camp is the fault of uncaring Israeli military overseers bent on punishing peaceful, helpless Palestinians. READ MORE

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