#Roosevelt slugged the #Jewish voter, and she thought only, “It’s really my fault. If I were only more progressive, more loyal to the Democratic Party, he might love me again”

The Jewish voter as the Democratic Party’s battered spouse
by William A. Levinson
December 24, 2016

…In 2008, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards all appeared at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network – the same racist and anti-Semitic hate group that helped incite the arson-murder at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem. Obama’s racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright, meanwhile hosted an opinion piece from a Hamas terrorist in his church newsletter and blood libeled Israel, South Africa, and the United States with false accusations of waging biological warfare. Jews nonetheless voted almost 4 to 1 for Obama over John McCain. The Democratic Party dislocated the Jewish voter’s jaw, and she again attributed her injuries to her lack of sufficiently progressive values. “If I can be more into white guilt and more cognizant of white privilege,” she explains to herself, “he will start to love me again.” READ MORE

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