“It’s time to act unilaterally to assert #Israel’s core national interests by massive building in the greater #Jerusalem envelope”

Wreak revenge on Obama
by David M. Weinberg
December 25, 2016

…I then asked: What can Israel do to counter Obama’s expected foray, probably at the UN Security Council, into the Palestinian morass? My answer was that Israel should make it clear, both as a threat and as a policy principle to be put into action, that unilateral action (against Israel) will beget unilateral Israeli action in response. “If they move the markers, Israel will move the markers. If the US under Obama violates decades of commitments to Israel and acts to prejudge the outcome of direct negotiations between the parties by imposing parameters for a ‘solution’ – say, by recognizing Palestinian statehood, or by articulating border lines, or by criminalizing settlements – Israel should act to shore-up its core interests in Jerusalem and the settlement blocks. That means significant new building in these areas (long overdue!) and even annexation.” READ MORE

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