Whitefish, Montana: Editor of extremist website calls on friends to march against Jews and Blacks on MLK Day

Racist Plans ‘James Earl Ray Extravaganza’ March on MLK Day in Whitefish, Montana, and Invites Hamas
by Jonathan Zalman
January 5, 2017

By now I imagine you may have read about a young, hate-peddling man named Andrew Anglin, who runs a neo-Nazi website that publishes denigrating things about nonwhite groups of people, like Jews and Muslims and African Americans. Anglin, who believes that Jews are an “international threat”…recently made waves when he told his readers to take action against the Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana, who have been protesting white supremacists in the area…Anglin has also promised that “a representative of Hamas will be in attendance, and will give a speech about the international threat of the Jews.” READ MORE

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