Our Jewish Presidents, past and present

Obama, Trump and the dangers of a ‘Jewish’ president
by Yossi Klein Halevi
January 17, 2017

A recent op-ed on the Fox News website predicted that Donald Trump would so vigorously defend Jewish interests that he may well become “the first Jewish president.” And while Obama can boast of two Jewish chiefs of staff, two of Trump’s closest political advisors are observant Jews who also happen to be his daughter and son-in-law….“In the end, of course, neither Kerry nor Obama has a personal stake in the future of a Jewish and democratic Israel. Jews are permitted, perhaps obliged, to obsess about Israel’s soul. But when outsiders adopt that obsession the result can be deeply destructive. An honorary member of the tribe, frustrated by the tribe’s failure to fulfill his highest expectations, may even, in a fit of pique, facilitate a UN resolution that transforms the Western Wall into occupied territory.” READ MORE

Reminder:  RT ≠ Endorsement

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