From a brave convert to Judaism: “Stop looking down your nose at us. At least Ivanka and I can prove we are Jews. You cannot.”

The Outing of Ivanka
by Diana Emuna Rubin
January 22, 2017

Over the past few months, we have been introduced to the President’s family. Center stage is his daughter, Ivanka. She is beautiful, charming, educated and articulate. Ivanka is also Jewish. Like me, she is a Jewish convert. To some Jews, this is a source of pride. With the support of her parents she not only converted, but took on the stringent mitzvot that define an Orthodox Jew. Each week, she turns off her cell phone and computer. She lights candles and recites blessings she hopes her daughter will one day recite. She gives up her Saturday to walk to shul and daven, when she could be at the gym, office or shopping. She keeps kosher, giving up “A” list parties to observe Shabbat with her family…President Trump could have disowned his daughter…I should have been so lucky. I wanted to be a Jew since I was a little girl. READ MORE

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