With Israel having one of the highest daily infection rates per capita in the world, there are only two nations where Israelis can currently travel without being forced into quarantine upon arrival or return

Tens of thousands take advantage of flights to flee Israel’s closure
by Staff
September 19, 2020

Tens of thousands of Israelis are taking advantage of the opportunity to flee Israel’s new national lockdown and to enjoy a more relaxed holiday season abroad. Despite the national closure, which began Friday and is expected to last at least three weeks in its most stringent form, the government decided earlier this week that any previously scheduled flights for the coming weeks will take place as planned. According to a Channel 12 report Saturday, some 15,000 flew out in recent days, with 7,000 more expected to travel over the course of the Friday-Sunday Rosh Hashanah holiday, and another 40,000 set to depart over the next two weeks. READ MORE

JNS Israelis brace for High Holidays in shadow of second lockdown The Ministry of Health says 5,238 new cases have been confirmed between Thursday and Friday, setting yet another negative record. Restriction on movement is somewhat relaxed from 500 yards from one’s home to 1,000 yards. Israel is facing a national three-week lockdown slated to go into effect at 2 p.m. Friday (Israel time), as the government seeks to curtail the spread of the virus that has continuously grown in numbers.

ISRAEL HAYOM Israel’s population hits 9.2 million on eve of Rosh Hashanah According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 88.8% of the population is satisfied with their lives. During the past year, 49,410 couples got married and 170,000 babies were born.

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