#UN: “a mountain of unaccountable bureaucracy and moral sludge…the job of trying to bring about any kind of genuine reform is like trying to clear a mudslide with a teaspoon”

Truth, Terror and Nikki Haley’s Challenge at the UN
by Claudia Rosett
February 23, 2017

In any of the world’s genuine fights against terrorism, the UN has more often been part of the baggage than a help in lightening the load. Note, for instance, the UN’s genial attitude toward the terrorists of Hezbollah, and de facto support via UNRWA — the UN’s Palestinian “refugee” agency — for Hamas (groups the UN does not recognize as terrorist), plus the UN’s impotence against the likes of ISIS. The burden of actually combating terrorists has been carried by a number of the UN’s member states, such as the U.S., and the UN’s favorite punching bag, Israel. READ MORE

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