“Official mainstream organizations like the ADL and the Reform movement ‎have effectively adopted the same role as J Street and engaged in unprecedented partisan ‎activities that have undoubtedly created anti-Jewish hostility among Trump supporters”

Don’t jeopardize this great opportunity
by Isi Leibler
March 3, 2017

Another most astonishing development is the almost open alliance between Israel and the ‎moderate Sunni states, which Trump has been actively encouraging. The relationship with ‎Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, including defense and intelligence sharing, exceeds ‎the heady days of the late President Anwar Sadat. Likewise, senior Saudi spokesmen have ‎been playing down their traditional hatred of Israel and, with the other Gulf states, calling for a ‎united front against the efforts of the Shiite Iranian terrorist state to achieve regional ‎hegemony as a nuclear power. Trump has vowed to reverse the appeasement policies of ‎Obama and reiterated that he would never come to terms with a nuclear Iran and will take ‎steps to neutralize its global terrorist activities.‎ READ MORE

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