“More evidence of cooperation between North Korea and Iran in the realms of nuclear and ballistic missile development has emerged in recent months”

N. Korea Tried Selling Nuclear Weapon Component Amid Signs of Cooperation With Iran
by Staff
March 10, 2017

North Korea attempted last year to sell a metal used in nuclear weapons development to an unidentified buyer on the international market, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The news comes amid growing signs that the Hermit Kingdom is collaborating with Iran on illicit nuclear and ballistic missile research. According to United Nations investigators, North Korea tried to sell a form of lithium metal that can be used in miniaturizing nuclear warheads. The attempted sale has “sparked new concern in the Trump administration, Congress and the U.N. about the proliferation threat posed by Pyongyang’s growing nuclear- and ballistic-missile programs,” the Journal reported. READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL North Korea Tried to Sell Nuclear-Weapon Material Last Year

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