CNN panel on travel ban diverts to Israel; Dershowitz “I Never Want to Be on the Show With This Bigot Again” [VIDEO]

A Supporter of Israel Must Have a “Bias” on Trump Travel Ban: The Newest Bigotry!
by Alan M. Dershowitz
March 17, 2017

A recent panel discussion regarding the Trump travel ban was infected by the bigotry of one of the participants. The host, Don Lemon, called on former prosecutor, John Flannery, to express his views on the decision of a federal judge to stay the order. This was Flannery’s response: “…and our dear colleague, Alan Dershowitz, I think, hopes that this may secure Israel and thinks that this is a bogus argument...”I shot back: “I never said a word about Israel. You know when you focus everything I say on Israel it really raises questions about your own bigotry and bias.” READ MORE

MEDIAITE  CNN Panel Melts Down Over Travel Ban: ‘I Never Want to Be on the Show With This Bigot Again’

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