“With $90 billion at their discretion, why are the majority of Jewish funds and federations not only skipping Israel, but investing in ‘enemy’ countries?”

Federations donate to Israel, but most of their investments go anywhere but
by Cathryn J. Prince
April 5, 2017

However, seeking to maximize their investments — as is their mandate and fiduciary responsibility — the majority of Jewish funds and federations not only skip Israel, they may also be investing in countries that are overt or passive enemies of the Jewish state. All told, there is nearly $90 billion in endowment funds in Jewish organizations nationwide. “In the Jewish community there is generally no allocation to Israel. Even organizations that have the stated goal to support Israel don’t have investments thereFor example, last September, Qatar, which funds Hamas, received a larger share than Israel in global investment portfolios, including in most of the endowments of Jewish communal and pro-Israel organizations, said Joseph Levin, chief strategist and partner at BlueStar Indexes. READ MORE

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