New York Times: Whoops, our bad ! “There was no justification to ‘skimp’ on Palestinian terrorist’s background when publishing an op-ed by him, says in-house watchdog” [VIDEO]

NYT public editor: Failure to detail Barghouti’s crimes discredits us
by Stuart Winer and TOI staff
April 18, 2017

The New York Times’s public editor Liz Spayd on Tuesday criticized the paper’s op-ed department for its failure to list the terror crimes that earned Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti five life sentences in prison, saying such skimping on opinion writers’ biographical information is a repeated fault that discredits the paper. Barghouti wrote a New York Times piece Sunday in defense of the mass hunger strike by Palestinian security prisoners he initiated on Monday. The op-ed’s tag line described Barghouti as a “parliamentarian and leader” but did not mention the terror attacks for which he was convicted. READ MORE

PALESTINIAN MEDIA WATCH PA students are read letter glorifying terror written by terrorist murderer

POWERLINE How low can the Times go?

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