1967: “Israel was alone, surrounded by enemies baying for Jewish blood”

The victory that astonished the world
by Jeff Jacoby
June 7, 2017

WHAT IF ISRAEL had lost the Six-Day War? What if the conflict that erupted 50 years ago this week between Israel and its largest Arab neighbors – Egypt, Syria, and Jordan—had gone the other way? What if there had been no Israeli conquest of Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula, of the Golan Heights, or of eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank? What if Israel’s prolonged rule over the Palestinians had never begun, and no Jewish settlements were ever built, and no Zionist impediment to Palestinian statehood ever existed?…But of two things, at least, we can be nearly certain: There would be no Palestinian state. And there would be no Jewish state. READ MORE

HUFFINGTON POST A Neglected Result of the 1967 Six-Day War

LEGAL INSURRECTION Six-Day War Day 3 — “The Temple Mount is in Our Hands”

For more videos commemorating 1967, visit The Six Day War Project, a production of Jerusalem U.

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