Activists try to shut down a play because it’s sponsored by the Israeli government

Artists against Theater
by Kyle Smith
July 7, 2017

In New York City today a strange spectacle is being staged: Theater artists are taking a stand against theater. When the Lincoln Center Festival announced it was staging a four-night production this month that is subsidized by the state of Israel, dozens of big-name professionals from New York’s theater world, including highly regarded actors, writers, and directors, demanded the play be scrapped…How dare Israel back a play that isn’t about how horrible Israel is to the Palestinians. And Lincoln Center must steer clear of this moral atrocity by canceling the play…The point these artists are making is ludicrous on two levels. First, though the play is sponsored by Israel’s Office of Cultural Affairs, it’s an anti-war piece, not simple-minded cheerleading for the state of Israel. READ MORE

CREATIVE COMMUNITY FOR PEACE Top Entertainment Industry Executives sign open letter supporting Lincoln Center and denouncing Boycott Israel Movement

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