“Where did Roger Waters — whose greatest contribution to rock was leaving Pink Floyd in 1985 – get the credibility to preach about anything other than boilerplate bass playing?”

The legacy of an adequate bass player
by John C. Wolfe
July 15, 2017

I’d like to meet the Jew who turned Roger Waters into a lunatic. That’s gotta be what happened. Someone with a Jewish last name must have trashed Waters’ musical talent or denied him a record contract. And that’s all it took to send Roger Waters into four-year mental breakdown, seizing the opportunity to blame Jews for more than just controlling the media and running the banks…He didn’t just exercise his right to free speech; he harassed, badgered and guilted others to embrace his misguided, anti-Israel ideology and a boycott movement that’s working wonders for Israel’s economy. His worst behavior, aside from the obvious thing, was shaming other artists who chose to play concerts in Israel, like former Pink Floyd sound engineer Alan Parsons…READ MORE

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