Pro-Israel CUFI conference kicks off in DC Monday with Netanyahu, Pence [VIDEO]

Hagee: Israel will always be the victor
by Benjamin Glatt
July 16, 2017

For almost 70 years, the State of Israel has seen its enemies attempt numerous wars and many different methods of attack. But for all that they try, they will never have the advantage, Pastor John Hagee said.  “Israel’s enemies may continue to adapt but they will never be able to outmaneuver the hand of almighty God,” he said at the 12th annual Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington on Monday to thundering applause. Celebrating 50 years of Jerusalem’s reunification, the San Antonio pastor and founder of the CUFI organization told the audience how Israel’s enemies constantly changed tactics, going from conventional war, to guerrilla fighting, to terrorists planting bombs in buses, to suicide bombers blowing themselves up in cafes, to firing rockets and trying to infiltrate Israel via terrorist tunnels. READ MORE

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