Welcome to Camp Moral Confusion AKA Solomon Schechter. Now salute your #Palestinian flag

Palestinian Flag Flies Over Camp Solomon Schechter
July 30, 2017

For over six decades Camp Solomon Schechter alongside the Placid shores of Lake Joshua Stamper has been the gateway to Judaism and love of Israel for generations of young Jewish campers in the Pacific Northwest.  For some Schechterites though, their blissful camp experience was jarred late last week by the raising of the Palestinian flag over the storied campgrounds. An email sent to camp families by the Schechter administration (link here) acknowledged the incident this past Friday, describing it as one designed to “help develop empathy” and a “teachable moment”. Whatever the intent, the raising of the Palestinian flag  over the camp was unexpected and disturbing for some campers,  who according to the email expressed “sadness and anger” at the sight.  READ MORE

Shechter Apology 2.png

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