“Nothing makes progressives feel more morally superior than detecting racism in everything”

Race Hysteria Erupts over a Commonsense Casting Decision on Broadway
by Kyle Smith
August 2, 2017

Diversity, on Broadway, has been promoted as a market necessity: A lot of people out there are black. We need black actors on stage so they will buy tickets. After a quarter of a century of color-blind casting — pretending that, say, blacks and whites saw each other as peers in 1906 Oklahoma — any Broadway theatergoer can tell you that the audience is still about as ethnically diverse as ProvoIt’s more authentic to reflect the diversity of our society runs another argument. Maybe, but if the society depicted on stage happens to be the salons of 1812 Moscow, how much sense does that make? READ MORE

PJ MEDIA Competitive Victimhood’ Among Racial Minorities Backfires, Study Finds

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