#Charlottesville: “Walking out the back door of a synagogue should never be the recommended option”

Charlottesville offers lifesaving lessons for American Jews
by Abraham H. Miller
August 22, 2017

Jews are asking if we’re back in the 1920s. To me, the scene outside a Charlottesville synagogue is more like Odessa in 1905. Across from the synagogue stood three white supremacists with semi-automatic weapons…But what does this have to do with Odessa in 1905? Odessa was the scene of the bloodiest pogrom to take place in Russia, whose Jews sustained a long series of brutal massacres. Although many Jews (estimates vary from 400 to 2,000) died in the Odessa pogrom of 1905, the Jews had created organized, armed militias and fought back, taking a toll on police and soldiers that were actively involved in the pogrom, along with the Okhrana, the czarist secret police. READ MORE

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