#FreeSpeech #Censorship “It is essential that the culture of victimhood, in which people think they can silence others on the grounds of “identity,” is dismantled”

Campus Censorship: Orwell Ignored
by Robbie Travers
September 13, 2017

…To begin with, just about any idea can be found “offensive” by someone. To devout conservative Muslims and Christians, homosexuality may be offensive; to anti-Semites, Jews; to white racists, blacks; to black racists, whites, and so on. When we legitimise anyone’s right to be free of exposure to “offensive” ideas, we empower only authoritarians, who historically seem all too happy silence anyone over anything. In addition, sometimes causing offence is unavoidable — or we would all still be mired in the Inquisition or, as still takes place, murdering people for sorcery. Discussion is still probably the most constructive way to decide which ideas are worth being celebrated and which are worth rejecting. READ MORE

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