“Kol hakavod to everyone of you that has been successful in making it over there in the holy land. And by making it there, I don’t mean your parents bought you a house in Modiin”

A Jewish Father responds to his critics
by a Jewish Father
September 14, 2017

I appreciate the feedback, both in support of how I resolved my very real dilemma, and against. Some of you were really passionate. I think that’s great! Let’s brainstorm together how to collectively get out of this quagmire before our children are totally lost at sea. The goal of my article was not to divide the community, but rather to rally a response that will raise this dilemma to the rabbinic leadership of our communities as the number one threat to the future of American Orthodox Jewry…If the rabbis won’t lead us out of this problem, then it really is up to us little guys to make it happen on our own. Happy New Year! Now let’s get to work. READ MORE

The above posting is a response to feedback from an article he’d written earlier in the week, I can ‘do Jewish’ on just $40,000 a year.

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