Nazi Concentration Camps on British Soil

Jewish slave laborers were worked to death in Alderney, a small Channel Island
by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
October 21, 2017

The very idea that Britain, which fought against Nazi Germany and its allies throughout World War II, was home to Nazi camps might seem inconceivable. Yet thousands of Jews and others were imprisoned and murdered in a complex of four Nazi camps on a picturesque spot of countryside in Britain’s Channel Islands, which were occupied by Germany during the War… In 1940, with war raging, Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill faced an agonizing decision: maintain a military presence in the tiny Channel Islands, which had been British dependencies for centuries, or redirect Britain’s forces elsewhere?…In June of 1940, Hitler’s forces bombed the islands and then occupied them for the remainder of the war. READ MORE

DAILY MAIL Hitler’s British death island: Astonishing story of how the Nazis murdered 40,000 people in Channel Island concentration camps – and planned to blitz the South Coast with chemical weapons

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1 Response to Nazi Concentration Camps on British Soil

  1. janowrite says:

    This post was interesting if very tragic – this cannot have been commonly known? Thank you for posting.


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